Wednesday, October 1, 2008


2 midterms down and like 10 more to go. Damn, i finally feel a little bit of relief from all this studying. Today's economic statistics midterm was HELLA hard, i officially hate Asian economic teachers. Besides school, not much excitement but just came back from a 8 mile run. The run was pretty easy but it seems like i will be needing to buy a hydration pack very soon. The reason why i need it is because after 5 miles, my throat begins to cave in and prevents me from breathing.

Anyways check out some of these pictures i just took. Of course the two better looking bike belongs to my bro, ones for road bike/competition and ones for cruising(fix-gear). The black one belongs to me. My brother said it's a shitty rust bucket, just because it's an 80's bike w/rust. In my eyes there is potential to this bike, it's like riding a 80's Porsche or a Datson 510. Anyhow, i just need to work my way up before i get a newer bike.

Last two pictures are just a picture of younger gen dannyboooi and my parents minding their own business

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MattMatt said...

Lol Danny, u gotta teach me how to ride a bike :D