Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Just when i thought the day ended... ..When i went to night class, i think i caused a car accident, while parking. It was like the 3rd car behind me was hit by the 4th car behind me(people should learn to stop while others stop, but the 4th car tried to swerve and not stop....then chaos happens). It was a pretty big crash, a 4 door sedan crashed into the rear of a pick-up truck...And of course i said "What happen to your car? Everybody OK?? DamnNnN!?!?Your car got F'd up, but I didn't see shit".

Of course, i thought that was going to be the only entertainment for the day, but apparently it didn't end just there. During my seminar night class, the professor embarrassed a student, during the student's presentation, in front of the whole class. And when you thought that was bad, the student was a guy, began to cry. It was just unbelievable, i thought he would of stopped in the middle of the presentation and left the class. Yet he managed to finish the presentation, while sitting down. Anyways like Kanye said, "What don't kill you will make you stronger"

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Another weak day, gots to cram 4 weeks of information in a single day, for tomorrow's midterm. On top of that, i got class later from 4pm-10pm = ( Sometimes i just hate Asian teachers because they don't speak proper English and they rush through the course materials. Maybe it's just me, having unfortunate encounters with sfsu Asian teachers. Come to think of it, three out of four of my economic teachers were horrible Asian teachers. However, all of the ethnic and asian studies, who are asian teachers, were good. I'm not discriminating against asian teachers, but the economic's department and asian teachers just doesn't go well....

Anyways here are some more pictures of another study abroad friend vicky, at seoul aka korea

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