Thursday, September 11, 2008


First all, it's another year of anniversary or memorial for the September 11th attack... and a moment of silence..........

Okay, onto today's thread. Not much happened today, except going to my uncle's shop and did a little bit of tune-up for the s14. I was planning to put on the tanabe sway bars but decide that i'll just flip it for profit and just buy jdm s14 blacktop engine swap/ front clip. Bif plans right?!!? Yes, it's going to cost a bunch but i've decided that i need more power than just having a badass suspension and sick wheels. That leads me to selling them sweet 5zigen fn-c wheels too =(

Anyways here are the pictures of the day

Just came back from a night swim and it was fun. I swam for about 50 minutes and lastly did some late night dive. Diving was a whole different I did like 3-4 dives and every time i did it my shorts ended up on my knees. LOL is this what you call skinny dipping?!?! anyways there weren't much people in the deeper end so i guess it was somewhat appropriate =]

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