Saturday, September 27, 2008


Just came back from eating pho' with my family, cousins, and etc. It was good!?!?! After dinner, we went to tanforan mall for awhile. Currently everyone is chillin at our house and eating some more LOL...chinese people are just so funny and they eat the weirdest things ever, things like the smelly fruit duran and exotic looking tomatoes. Besides the chinese culture and habits, i still think my family is the best, always laughter and other fun activities.

Well went to the academy of science but they wouldn't let people in, due to over capacity. Oh well, i guess free admission caught everyone's attention. Anyways, just went over my cousin's house and chilled for a while. Also i picked up my uncle's old road/city bike yesterday and took it out for a ride today. It's a bit old but nothing that a little tweaking and wrenching can't fix =)

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