Saturday, September 13, 2008


Not much happen today, went to chinatown then had some brunch at sunset. The food was alright, it was located at Noriega and 33rd ave, some chinese dim sum place. Following breakfast we went to my cousin's house, chilled there for couple of hours then went home. Since we planned to run in the mourning, but everyone was too tired and lazy to commit to the plans, we changed up the schedule and ran around 6pm. We eventually got lost running, though we ran for 2:25 hrs which equated to 11 miles. Not too bad, since we ran in a pack of 5. The time lag was mainly due to slow ass Ramon, who claims to be fast and active....(bs)... Anyways, we got home around 8:40pm or so. The results were everyone was sore, tired and hungry. But i must say they did pretty well for their first real distance run and had somewhat of a decent running pace.

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