Sunday, September 28, 2008


Just came back from running not too long ago, with matt. We did about a 3 mile run + 1 mile walk and some exercise. The work out was alright, not too hard and not too hot. Come to think of it, i kind of did 2/3 of the sprint distance triathlon which consist a 5k run and 13k bike, but didn't do the 0.4k swim. Anyways, the reward from all this training is the soreness. Soreness is a reward because it tells your body that your working harder then before. Like Rocky said, " Winning is not how hard you can hit, it is how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done".

This mourning my bro and i went to bike at a course near san mateo or burlingame. It was fun and all but my ass hurted really bad, it feels as if it's an ass cramp. Anyways i just got to get use to riding, tweak the seat a little and maybe other minor tune up, in order for the bike to work normal. Besides the new bike adventure, i really need to get started with studying for Wensday's economic statistics exam =(

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