Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Just when i thought the day ended... ..When i went to night class, i think i caused a car accident, while parking. It was like the 3rd car behind me was hit by the 4th car behind me(people should learn to stop while others stop, but the 4th car tried to swerve and not stop....then chaos happens). It was a pretty big crash, a 4 door sedan crashed into the rear of a pick-up truck...And of course i said "What happen to your car? Everybody OK?? DamnNnN!?!?Your car got F'd up, but I didn't see shit".

Of course, i thought that was going to be the only entertainment for the day, but apparently it didn't end just there. During my seminar night class, the professor embarrassed a student, during the student's presentation, in front of the whole class. And when you thought that was bad, the student was a guy, began to cry. It was just unbelievable, i thought he would of stopped in the middle of the presentation and left the class. Yet he managed to finish the presentation, while sitting down. Anyways like Kanye said, "What don't kill you will make you stronger"

Powered by Starbucks = ]

Another weak day, gots to cram 4 weeks of information in a single day, for tomorrow's midterm. On top of that, i got class later from 4pm-10pm = ( Sometimes i just hate Asian teachers because they don't speak proper English and they rush through the course materials. Maybe it's just me, having unfortunate encounters with sfsu Asian teachers. Come to think of it, three out of four of my economic teachers were horrible Asian teachers. However, all of the ethnic and asian studies, who are asian teachers, were good. I'm not discriminating against asian teachers, but the economic's department and asian teachers just doesn't go well....

Anyways here are some more pictures of another study abroad friend vicky, at seoul aka korea

Monday, September 29, 2008


Nothing too exciting today, will be at school from 8:30am to 10:00pm...I think i hate my monday schedule the most; it gets exhausting, hungry, sleepy and etc. Anyways, just bumped into simon in the computer lab, during lunch time. Besides that, i'm just free loading sfsu t1 or t3 internet service by downloading them tvb series, at an unbelievable rate. LOL...this is what i call "gg"

Found some really cool pictures taken, at hong kong, by my study abroad friend carolyn

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Just came back from running not too long ago, with matt. We did about a 3 mile run + 1 mile walk and some exercise. The work out was alright, not too hard and not too hot. Come to think of it, i kind of did 2/3 of the sprint distance triathlon which consist a 5k run and 13k bike, but didn't do the 0.4k swim. Anyways, the reward from all this training is the soreness. Soreness is a reward because it tells your body that your working harder then before. Like Rocky said, " Winning is not how hard you can hit, it is how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done".

This mourning my bro and i went to bike at a course near san mateo or burlingame. It was fun and all but my ass hurted really bad, it feels as if it's an ass cramp. Anyways i just got to get use to riding, tweak the seat a little and maybe other minor tune up, in order for the bike to work normal. Besides the new bike adventure, i really need to get started with studying for Wensday's economic statistics exam =(

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Just came back from eating pho' with my family, cousins, and etc. It was good!?!?! After dinner, we went to tanforan mall for awhile. Currently everyone is chillin at our house and eating some more LOL...chinese people are just so funny and they eat the weirdest things ever, things like the smelly fruit duran and exotic looking tomatoes. Besides the chinese culture and habits, i still think my family is the best, always laughter and other fun activities.

Well went to the academy of science but they wouldn't let people in, due to over capacity. Oh well, i guess free admission caught everyone's attention. Anyways, just went over my cousin's house and chilled for a while. Also i picked up my uncle's old road/city bike yesterday and took it out for a ride today. It's a bit old but nothing that a little tweaking and wrenching can't fix =)

Friday, September 26, 2008


I guess today was a rest day, besides a little bit of tennis. Besides that, went to take some san francisco city pictures w/ rere ramon. Some places we went were the golden gate bridge, crissy field, the lombard maze. Of course snapped some pictures, but will be uploaded later today.
No plans for today but currently watching a documentary "Marathon Challenge", on youtube. I'm watching this so i can get some advices and other techniques for the next run. Anyways, not sure if i'll be running later today, maybe a good day to rest?!?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Our official triathlon+marathon team
1) ah matt-matt
2) dip-set
3) tony baloney
4) ah dan
5) fay-fay the cheerleader(mom)
6) day-day and pay-pay (our mascot/ partners in crime/ cheerleaders)
unofficial member: "stupid-ass ramon" aka SAR

Well finally got back to my training, after a week and a half of resting. Man o' man it's so hard to get back to training, soreness instantly, after 8 miles of jogging + other activities. Anyways, i've been doing a bit of biking yesterday and it seems like i need to train for that too. Riding a fix gear bike without brakes was quite scary and some how my arms got extremely tired from riding. For that reason, i'll probably be getting a bike soon!?! More triathlon motivation!!

No school today, just thinking what is there to do!?!?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Dinner with Ramon at TGI Friday
Prime rib on saute'd pasta

Here's some motivation for the triathlon!?!?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


In the past few weeks, i've been asked this one question series of time, "What inspired you to lose weight or run?"

Initially, my answer was because of an foot injury few months back. With that injury, my perception of life sort of changed, seeing how people took advantage of walking while disabled people(myself at the time) just wished to walk normally again. As a result, from the view of a disabled person, i just promised myself i would change my habits after healing from the injury. So i did what i promised and even went through the obstacles of eating healthier and becoming more active, now loving the outdoor activities. While on this route to becoming a more active person, i trained for months and later participated a san francisco 26.2 mile marathon. The reward of finishing a marathon was just priceless, just passing the finish line was emotional and to some, a miracle. In addition, i joined this particular marathon in august because i wanted to support 08 Beijing Olympic, that's why i had the red bandana over my head. Anyways, my newest training for now is a sprint distance triathalon and hopefully to participate another marathon shortly =]

Goal for the rest of this year: to lose 20 more pounds
Here are some recovered pictures of few days ago...I'm going to miss these pictures. Very soon our college chapter will be closed and a new post college chapter will begin.

The night was history...good game Aaron =]