Thursday, September 18, 2008


Found two more interesting pictures. Both of them really reflect who she is, literally.... When she's awake, she's crazy. When she's sleeping, she sleeps like a about an adorable one..LOL...can't wake her up!!! sleeps foreverrrrr

O-M-G....Heroes new season premiers next week, Smallville new season airs today!!!

So today I should be running the "Sunset Run 5 miles". Because my foot still hurts, i won't be able to participate. Oh well, i guess i got to put this off and prepare for the next event. Even though my foot is recovering at an OK pace, I guess i'll be in full recovery by Sunday or Monday!! At this time, i guess i will be doing other activities and homework. Anyways prepare for some sick pictures! Hulk mad!?!? Unleash the BEAST within!?!

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