Sunday, September 14, 2008


Part 2

...Another few hours later...(other half of the day)
So everyone had dinner at my grandma's house, everything was gOoD yo!?! After dinner we're currently celebrating the eatery part of the moon cake event...

Part 1

Well woke up today and was a little sore, mostly sore on my left foot. Aside from soreness I finally began to do my Econ 311 homework and is just one problem away from being done. So it was already like 11 something and we was hungry to max. We went to a shanghai restuarant( down the block) and them food was gOoD. We ordered a whole bunch of different fried and soup noddle, shanghai dumping, and some stinky tofu... the tofu basically spoiled everyone's else s appetite(other customers) but our own appetite.

....few hours later...
Just came back from swimming and got some "Quickly" afterwards. Anyways snapped a few more pictures.

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