Tuesday, September 23, 2008


In the past few weeks, i've been asked this one question series of time, "What inspired you to lose weight or run?"

Initially, my answer was because of an foot injury few months back. With that injury, my perception of life sort of changed, seeing how people took advantage of walking while disabled people(myself at the time) just wished to walk normally again. As a result, from the view of a disabled person, i just promised myself i would change my habits after healing from the injury. So i did what i promised and even went through the obstacles of eating healthier and becoming more active, now loving the outdoor activities. While on this route to becoming a more active person, i trained for months and later participated a san francisco 26.2 mile marathon. The reward of finishing a marathon was just priceless, just passing the finish line was emotional and to some, a miracle. In addition, i joined this particular marathon in august because i wanted to support 08 Beijing Olympic, that's why i had the red bandana over my head. Anyways, my newest training for now is a sprint distance triathalon and hopefully to participate another marathon shortly =]

Goal for the rest of this year: to lose 20 more pounds
Here are some recovered pictures of few days ago...I'm going to miss these pictures. Very soon our college chapter will be closed and a new post college chapter will begin.

The night was history...good game Aaron =]

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