Sunday, May 31, 2009


Some pictures to recap last night's dinner, it was good =]

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I've been really busy and exhausted, so that's why i haven't been blogging as much. Anyhow, I'm still technically jobless because working with my dad isn't really what i call professional. Anyhow, yesterday was Andy's graduation and to sum things up is that I've never seen so much Samoans in one place. Samoans are freaking huge and they drive even bigger cars, sometimes V8 engines are necessary. Besides the graduation, I haven't gotten any exciting news but a possible job offer by Farmer Insurance Group.
Interesting news of the day: "And they say just being black isn't Hard?:Off duty cop shot by another cop while trying to catch a suspect!"

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Close call =]


Yesterday was quite an exhausting day. I was semi-working for my dad yesterday which included moving heavy ass lumbers and participating in a law firm for 4 hours. What I've discover from this experience is that i now hate lawyers because they're such assholes, period. They ask the dumbest question and repeat and rephrase the same question dozens of time, hoping that we'll some how slip with the wrong answer or an answer which they desire. I now know how criminals feel like when they're getting interrogated, but of course our attendance were not related to criminal related cases. Anyhow, I would hate to be a lawyer because lawyers look so stupid when they're doing their job. Moreover, that is the rant of my day(yesterday).

Here's a video recapping the other night.

Life after graduation and jobless from Danny T on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A year ago, i really had no idea what a recession feels like. Even though we all talk about recession and inflation and what not, school does not show what recession was really about, nothing like what HD+Blueray television provide. As a newly graduate, and an entire year later, of analytical study and research, I now feel what a recession feels like. Recession sucks badly, I'm now part of the 10% or 1/10 unemployed in America. I applied to more than 10 places today and no response..sigh...The real world is a scary place; a place of corruption, greed, and evil.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Recap of last Saturday's celebration.

Graduation Day was awesome. Before the ceremony, my friends and I headed over to the economics department to take some pictures. Following that, we had to line up at the Behavior and Social Science (BSS) section, located near the bookstore ATM machines, where the line was hella long. Anyhow, as we wait till the clock hit 12:15pm, we meet up with some fellow economic graduates at the line and took some group pictures and individual pictures. I had a little flash back memory during the time , which brought me back more than 10 years ago, when I was standing in the very same field where my Auntie Carina graduated with her cap and gown. Time do past by pretty quick, it was nice that we had the chance to all meet up earlier because then we were able to sit next to each other, during the graduation ceremony. So 12:15 comes, the line starts to move towards the Cox Stadium, we continued to take pictures and even recorded some short film. The line was moving extremely slow but we were seated like 30 minutes after the line started to move. Walking towards the stage and to the chair, that moment was amazing because there were just so many spectators and family members for everyone’s graduation, showing that we’re the center of attention. After being seated, we had to sit through 2 long hours of speech. During those times, people went off to do other activities, besides listening to the people who were giving out the speeches. Other activities that people were doing included; playing electronic handheld games, twittering, texting, Texas hold’em, IPod, and signing year books(the ceremony booklet). As 2 ½ hours past, we finally began to receive our fake diploma, they send the real one weeks the ceremony, but masters received theirs first, along with the hundreds who sat in front of me. Anyhow, I was able to record the whole process of receiving my diploma, I thought it was an awesome idea because I’ve never saw an actual film showing this creativity.

After receiving my diploma, I parted from the stadium and walked to where my family and friends were waiting for me. They had all meet outside of Burk Hall, next to Ethnic Studies and Cesar Chavez Center. There, were took bunch of pictures, family first, then with the homies which I’ve known for years. I Thanked them all for showing up to my important day, it’s quite a emotional feeling when you know there are true close friends by your side. After snapping some awesomeness pictures, with family and friends, I headed over to the economics department. While I was there, I went to take pictures with few of my economic professor; Sang-Yeob Lee, Kerill Chernomaz, Michael Bar, and Michael Potepan. All three of these dudes are down to earth and taught their courses well, they’ve shown me what the topic of economics is really about and how to apply them in the real world. Needless to say, they’re pretty cool professors. In addition to taking pictures with those guys, I ate a little bit of junk food while I was at the econ department, they were hosting an after party for econ graduates. The food was alright, but I guess I had to eat the left overs because I was like the last one who made it there, due to chilling a little bit too long with my family and friends. Now with a satisfied stomach, I was ready to roll out. As a result, I said my thanks and whatnot, then left school for good with a final glance behind over my shoulders.

After I got home, my family and I begun to head over to get some dinner, at San Mateo County. It was a Chinese restaurant, opened by my uncle’s childhood and good friend “Wei-doy”. The food was good and they hooked us up with free drinks. Good man. Shortly after retruning home from dinner, Jamson came over to pick me up and head down to Wilmer’s birthday thing. It was held at a lounge called SENS located at San Francisco’s Embarcadero 4. It was my first time going to this semi-club/lounge. The experience was fun and all, until the liquor started to pour. Needless to say, I had a bit too much to drink and the rest of the story does not need further detail explanations. Yet, I would like to thank Wilmer, Jeffrey, and Stacey for treating me to some good ol alcohol and a good time. But I do want to talk about one thing, it is such a miracle how someone can manage to get up and get to the bathroom and yack. Seriously, all I saw was stars and blank white spots when walking down to the bathroom. Ting drinking is very bad, hard alcohol should be limited to 1-2 shots only, seriously. Anyhow, after breaking it down on the dance floor for an hour, 2 ol clock hits and it was time to bounce and the place closes. While leaving, it was quite a hilarious look for the hardcore club goers because you are able to see people being carried out of the club by security and their friends, some even hunched over right outside of the door. Anyways, it looked like an aftermath of a war zone, people just rowdy as hell while others looking like half dead zombies. Much like my two friends, Danny Nip and Jamson, they were both TKO’ed to the max with a final “shaw-u-ken” and a “haduken”. They were a drunken mess. Moreover, It’s was such a memorable day for me and much love to everyone who showed support. Going to bed at 5am the next morning was not the best way to begin my new chapter in life, post college life, but it does look awfully interesting.

SFSU Graduation Spring 2009 from Danny T on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

5-23-09 Graduation Day!?!??!

LOL early celebration for graduation, at 9 in the mourning. The real graduation ceremony starts at 12:15pm-3:30pm today(Saturday), at the SFSU Cox Stadium. But I will be heading to school early today because I want to get my senior/graduation portrait taken by professionals and later drop by for some snack at the economics department. Hopefully none of the professor becomes an asshole and test me on the spot =]

Friday, May 22, 2009


I wanted to update my blog last night but was too faded to even do anything after yesterday's wild dinner. So yesterday I had my last final, which was done within 15 minutes, with the help of my friend Thuan. He's a pretty cool dude, i give him much props for helping me out this semester. After the last final, my good friend David and I went to celebrate a new beginning of our life chapter, post college life. We were planning to eat at Tommy's Joynt but he thought it was too far, so we headed over to Japantown, intentionally to get some sushi boat. When we got there, we saw some chefs,through the windows, doing some crazy stuff on the grills. Needless to say, they caught our attention and we just headed in for the wildest dinner ever. This place was called Benihana and their specialty is to make dinner entertaining and different. Anyhow, we just ordered a bunch of Japanese grilled dish and sake. The food was awesome but the bottle of sake was just a tad too much for two people. As a result, I got a little bit tipsy. Then the rest of the night was history, knocked out cold on my bed -_- zZzZzz

Most racist camera ever!?!?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sneak a peak of the 09 Graduates =]

Some pictures recovered from last week's Bay to Breakers event.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


SFSU contribution to my 4 years in college. This was what I've been dreaming for. Needless to say, I've been dreaming for a long long time and this must be one of my all time greatest achievement in life. And who say that dreams doesn't come true!?!Unless i'm living a dream??? I'm just so happy to be a 21 year old graduate =]

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


WoOowHoO!?!? Finally got through my econ312 statistics finals. I'm so glad that was my last math test, although it was a bittersweet goodbye to that class. I somehow like the class now, maybe because i understand that stuff better now, way better than last semester(i was lost throughout the semester). Anyhow, i must give a big Thanks to Fat Choy Buddha, he gave me power and strength to pass today's test, including all the lucky charms i had with me while I was taking the test =]

Monday, May 18, 2009


I will need luck on my side for tomorrow's final.....Lord give me strength so i can pass this final math test -_-

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Just came back from the Bay to Breaker event, it was a last minute thing. After this event, i must say this is one of the rowdiest and wildest race I've ever participated in. Going to this event was a last minute thing, last night, and we didn't even "pay" for registration. So what we did was that just ran with the crowd, starting from 4th and where Metreon's located. So that's the location of where we started and we ran about 7-8 miles to ocean beach/great highway. The run was alright, it was hot and semi-easy course. The time which tony and i past the finishing line, together, was about 1 hour 15 minutes. Afterward, we took some pictures and check out the wild costumes which people were in. What made this run memorable was how a lot of participants dressed up in costumes and some even ran in their birthday suits. Anyhow, i got to see what San Franciscans were really like, if there's a Maude Grad event in San Francisco. There so much crazy stuff going on, people drinking beer while running, people in costumes; spiderman,ironman,borat,smurf,clifford the dog,bay watch,zombies, wolverine,princess, and bunch of other characters. It was pretty cool when we were walking back to downtown because there was like a big block party parade, which extended for like 10 long blocks. It was crazy, people were bumping their music and just BBQing on the side walks. In addition, some people were handing out free drinks. Everything was just fine until we had no transportation back to our car, which was located in downtown. In addition, we had no money nor did we have a phone. Needless to say, we had to walk about 6 miles back to the car, in the scorching heat. To sum things up, i would do this event all over but I'd probably should of also worn some type of costume.

More Bay to Breaker

Uneven tan line sucks badly.....

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Good day today. It' hot, sunny+clear sky, best time to run. After returning home from school, yes on a beautiful Saturday evening, i went for quick 6 mile run. It was nice to get my rusty legs moving again, surprisingly, a little faster than the usual time. Even with the occasional heat wave, i managed to get a 55 minute from a 6 mile hilly course. However, i must say running in the heat brings back lots of memory from last year's training. I now know why i love to run with the heat, it makes everything that much more challenging. I like it, testing the human body capability is awesome and exciting. You only get to live life once, why not challenge it =]

Friday, May 15, 2009


It's Friday and i am at home doing homework............

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Just one more week

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Even though i just ate dinner, i'm still hungry. I had my dinner quite late because i just came back from night class not too long ago. Anways, I'm craving for something juicy, tasty, and messy. What came up in my head instantly was this. MmMmM.........

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It's finals week and it sucks....

Monday, May 11, 2009

5-11-09 Part 4 (The End)

Running Portion:

After gulping down the thick chocolate gel packet, i washed it down with a cup of water. Thrown the garbage to the side of the road, now focusing for the rest of the run. About a mile into the run, i already felt the tiredness of my legs which were are pretty much used up from the last bike hill climb. As a result, i was not able to run at the pace which was used to. By now, i had to jog with little steps and not able to run as quick as Usain Boltz. Not only was i jogging slow, i had to jog in the scorching heat and on a trial road. It was so unexpected to run on a trail road because i was so used to running on city roads and track fields. I guess what made the course harder was the uneven pavement and the elevation of the course. So running and running along. Cheering and hollering became quickly noticeable, besides the pounding of shoes on the running course. Looking more closely, those cheering and hollering were the Cal Poly volunteers for the event and were handing out cold drinks and whatnot. Not only did i got some fuel, they hosed me down with cold water. It was nice for a quick moment, the cold breezy sensation, but regret came quickly afterward. Now all soaked and wet, my gears became heavier and this means more torture....sigh...and i just passed the 2 mile mark. Lesson learn, never get hosed down.

Running in soaked gear sucks. So now, I'm just irritated with the sticky feeling of the water and sweat. Yet, i just had to deal with this problem for the next 4 miles. So my leg continued to chomp away on the course. Tired and exhaust, now feeling a little stiffness in my lower leg muscles. Fortunately, it was just an on and off thing and not a major cramp. Anyhow, i just had to walk a little so my legs could stop stiffening up and potentially preventing from finishing the race. It just sucked badly, feeling how much harder the sun beats on your body when you're at a slower motion. From time to time, i begun to run and stop, run and stop. What motivated me to start to run each time was when people began passing me, which means i don't want to be the last one.

Forwarding to the 5.5 mile mark. Damn, I'm currently tired as hell. Hot, sweaty, drained. My legs were beginning to slowly give up, while running up this last damn hill. What had happen before this 5.5 mile mark was that a spectator told me, when i was at 4 mile mark(not knowing), he told me that it was just less than a mile to the finish. Already a mile into where i spoke to the spectator, all i saw was more hills and deserted road. In my head, i was just cursing the hell out of that person who just fu*k me over. I hate that guy badly because i used my last real strength to climb what i ought to be the last hill, but damn was i screwed. Back to reality, the 5.5 mile mark, just walking up the last steep hill. When i got the top, i began to slowly jog again because the rest was really just flats and down hill. Since i was on top of the hill, i was able to look at the rest of the course.

Running and running along. I passed the camps of where we stayed, which was coincidentally close to the running route. By now, i jogged pass the same scenery which i saw right before the race(the sun between the two green hills). As i was jogging down, my stomach began to cramp up which left me no choice but to walk some of the downhill. A cliff note is that I actually suck at running down hill and i get cramps easily on the downhill. Anyhow, just about 400 meters away from the finishing line, i hear the spectators. The sound of their voice just gave me a boost of energy to run the last part of the course. As i get closer to the spectators, i began to see the flags waving ferociously. At this time, i felt like i was in a damn Olympic or something because there were so much foreign flags, including CHINA! Now running through the flags, towards the finishing line. Clock ticking away, 4 hours and semi-minutes. Getting closer and closer to the finish and bleachers, i heard my name over the announcer, "From all the way from San Francisco, we have Danny Tan". About this time, i began to do the "raise the roof". The crowds got rowdier. Finally, i cross the finishing line with a smile. Happiest moment of my life and the rest was history.