Sunday, May 17, 2009


Just came back from the Bay to Breaker event, it was a last minute thing. After this event, i must say this is one of the rowdiest and wildest race I've ever participated in. Going to this event was a last minute thing, last night, and we didn't even "pay" for registration. So what we did was that just ran with the crowd, starting from 4th and where Metreon's located. So that's the location of where we started and we ran about 7-8 miles to ocean beach/great highway. The run was alright, it was hot and semi-easy course. The time which tony and i past the finishing line, together, was about 1 hour 15 minutes. Afterward, we took some pictures and check out the wild costumes which people were in. What made this run memorable was how a lot of participants dressed up in costumes and some even ran in their birthday suits. Anyhow, i got to see what San Franciscans were really like, if there's a Maude Grad event in San Francisco. There so much crazy stuff going on, people drinking beer while running, people in costumes; spiderman,ironman,borat,smurf,clifford the dog,bay watch,zombies, wolverine,princess, and bunch of other characters. It was pretty cool when we were walking back to downtown because there was like a big block party parade, which extended for like 10 long blocks. It was crazy, people were bumping their music and just BBQing on the side walks. In addition, some people were handing out free drinks. Everything was just fine until we had no transportation back to our car, which was located in downtown. In addition, we had no money nor did we have a phone. Needless to say, we had to walk about 6 miles back to the car, in the scorching heat. To sum things up, i would do this event all over but I'd probably should of also worn some type of costume.

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Uneven tan line sucks badly.....


Twosidestory said...

Its a WHOLE NEW WORLD!!!! WHos done with SCHOOL..I AM!!! hehehe

Danny T. said...

I'm almost there. I'm trying to look for a job or an internship, anywhere good?