Monday, May 25, 2009


Recap of last Saturday's celebration.

Graduation Day was awesome. Before the ceremony, my friends and I headed over to the economics department to take some pictures. Following that, we had to line up at the Behavior and Social Science (BSS) section, located near the bookstore ATM machines, where the line was hella long. Anyhow, as we wait till the clock hit 12:15pm, we meet up with some fellow economic graduates at the line and took some group pictures and individual pictures. I had a little flash back memory during the time , which brought me back more than 10 years ago, when I was standing in the very same field where my Auntie Carina graduated with her cap and gown. Time do past by pretty quick, it was nice that we had the chance to all meet up earlier because then we were able to sit next to each other, during the graduation ceremony. So 12:15 comes, the line starts to move towards the Cox Stadium, we continued to take pictures and even recorded some short film. The line was moving extremely slow but we were seated like 30 minutes after the line started to move. Walking towards the stage and to the chair, that moment was amazing because there were just so many spectators and family members for everyone’s graduation, showing that we’re the center of attention. After being seated, we had to sit through 2 long hours of speech. During those times, people went off to do other activities, besides listening to the people who were giving out the speeches. Other activities that people were doing included; playing electronic handheld games, twittering, texting, Texas hold’em, IPod, and signing year books(the ceremony booklet). As 2 ½ hours past, we finally began to receive our fake diploma, they send the real one weeks the ceremony, but masters received theirs first, along with the hundreds who sat in front of me. Anyhow, I was able to record the whole process of receiving my diploma, I thought it was an awesome idea because I’ve never saw an actual film showing this creativity.

After receiving my diploma, I parted from the stadium and walked to where my family and friends were waiting for me. They had all meet outside of Burk Hall, next to Ethnic Studies and Cesar Chavez Center. There, were took bunch of pictures, family first, then with the homies which I’ve known for years. I Thanked them all for showing up to my important day, it’s quite a emotional feeling when you know there are true close friends by your side. After snapping some awesomeness pictures, with family and friends, I headed over to the economics department. While I was there, I went to take pictures with few of my economic professor; Sang-Yeob Lee, Kerill Chernomaz, Michael Bar, and Michael Potepan. All three of these dudes are down to earth and taught their courses well, they’ve shown me what the topic of economics is really about and how to apply them in the real world. Needless to say, they’re pretty cool professors. In addition to taking pictures with those guys, I ate a little bit of junk food while I was at the econ department, they were hosting an after party for econ graduates. The food was alright, but I guess I had to eat the left overs because I was like the last one who made it there, due to chilling a little bit too long with my family and friends. Now with a satisfied stomach, I was ready to roll out. As a result, I said my thanks and whatnot, then left school for good with a final glance behind over my shoulders.

After I got home, my family and I begun to head over to get some dinner, at San Mateo County. It was a Chinese restaurant, opened by my uncle’s childhood and good friend “Wei-doy”. The food was good and they hooked us up with free drinks. Good man. Shortly after retruning home from dinner, Jamson came over to pick me up and head down to Wilmer’s birthday thing. It was held at a lounge called SENS located at San Francisco’s Embarcadero 4. It was my first time going to this semi-club/lounge. The experience was fun and all, until the liquor started to pour. Needless to say, I had a bit too much to drink and the rest of the story does not need further detail explanations. Yet, I would like to thank Wilmer, Jeffrey, and Stacey for treating me to some good ol alcohol and a good time. But I do want to talk about one thing, it is such a miracle how someone can manage to get up and get to the bathroom and yack. Seriously, all I saw was stars and blank white spots when walking down to the bathroom. Ting drinking is very bad, hard alcohol should be limited to 1-2 shots only, seriously. Anyhow, after breaking it down on the dance floor for an hour, 2 ol clock hits and it was time to bounce and the place closes. While leaving, it was quite a hilarious look for the hardcore club goers because you are able to see people being carried out of the club by security and their friends, some even hunched over right outside of the door. Anyways, it looked like an aftermath of a war zone, people just rowdy as hell while others looking like half dead zombies. Much like my two friends, Danny Nip and Jamson, they were both TKO’ed to the max with a final “shaw-u-ken” and a “haduken”. They were a drunken mess. Moreover, It’s was such a memorable day for me and much love to everyone who showed support. Going to bed at 5am the next morning was not the best way to begin my new chapter in life, post college life, but it does look awfully interesting.

SFSU Graduation Spring 2009 from Danny T on Vimeo.


MattMatt said...

sorry i couldn't make it, i got sick =[

Danny T. said...

I know, no worries

Twosidestory said...

ITs great that it was fun for you..