Thursday, May 28, 2009


Close call =]


Yesterday was quite an exhausting day. I was semi-working for my dad yesterday which included moving heavy ass lumbers and participating in a law firm for 4 hours. What I've discover from this experience is that i now hate lawyers because they're such assholes, period. They ask the dumbest question and repeat and rephrase the same question dozens of time, hoping that we'll some how slip with the wrong answer or an answer which they desire. I now know how criminals feel like when they're getting interrogated, but of course our attendance were not related to criminal related cases. Anyhow, I would hate to be a lawyer because lawyers look so stupid when they're doing their job. Moreover, that is the rant of my day(yesterday).

Here's a video recapping the other night.

Life after graduation and jobless from Danny T on Vimeo.