Monday, May 11, 2009

5-11-09 Part 4 (The End)

Running Portion:

After gulping down the thick chocolate gel packet, i washed it down with a cup of water. Thrown the garbage to the side of the road, now focusing for the rest of the run. About a mile into the run, i already felt the tiredness of my legs which were are pretty much used up from the last bike hill climb. As a result, i was not able to run at the pace which was used to. By now, i had to jog with little steps and not able to run as quick as Usain Boltz. Not only was i jogging slow, i had to jog in the scorching heat and on a trial road. It was so unexpected to run on a trail road because i was so used to running on city roads and track fields. I guess what made the course harder was the uneven pavement and the elevation of the course. So running and running along. Cheering and hollering became quickly noticeable, besides the pounding of shoes on the running course. Looking more closely, those cheering and hollering were the Cal Poly volunteers for the event and were handing out cold drinks and whatnot. Not only did i got some fuel, they hosed me down with cold water. It was nice for a quick moment, the cold breezy sensation, but regret came quickly afterward. Now all soaked and wet, my gears became heavier and this means more torture....sigh...and i just passed the 2 mile mark. Lesson learn, never get hosed down.

Running in soaked gear sucks. So now, I'm just irritated with the sticky feeling of the water and sweat. Yet, i just had to deal with this problem for the next 4 miles. So my leg continued to chomp away on the course. Tired and exhaust, now feeling a little stiffness in my lower leg muscles. Fortunately, it was just an on and off thing and not a major cramp. Anyhow, i just had to walk a little so my legs could stop stiffening up and potentially preventing from finishing the race. It just sucked badly, feeling how much harder the sun beats on your body when you're at a slower motion. From time to time, i begun to run and stop, run and stop. What motivated me to start to run each time was when people began passing me, which means i don't want to be the last one.

Forwarding to the 5.5 mile mark. Damn, I'm currently tired as hell. Hot, sweaty, drained. My legs were beginning to slowly give up, while running up this last damn hill. What had happen before this 5.5 mile mark was that a spectator told me, when i was at 4 mile mark(not knowing), he told me that it was just less than a mile to the finish. Already a mile into where i spoke to the spectator, all i saw was more hills and deserted road. In my head, i was just cursing the hell out of that person who just fu*k me over. I hate that guy badly because i used my last real strength to climb what i ought to be the last hill, but damn was i screwed. Back to reality, the 5.5 mile mark, just walking up the last steep hill. When i got the top, i began to slowly jog again because the rest was really just flats and down hill. Since i was on top of the hill, i was able to look at the rest of the course.

Running and running along. I passed the camps of where we stayed, which was coincidentally close to the running route. By now, i jogged pass the same scenery which i saw right before the race(the sun between the two green hills). As i was jogging down, my stomach began to cramp up which left me no choice but to walk some of the downhill. A cliff note is that I actually suck at running down hill and i get cramps easily on the downhill. Anyhow, just about 400 meters away from the finishing line, i hear the spectators. The sound of their voice just gave me a boost of energy to run the last part of the course. As i get closer to the spectators, i began to see the flags waving ferociously. At this time, i felt like i was in a damn Olympic or something because there were so much foreign flags, including CHINA! Now running through the flags, towards the finishing line. Clock ticking away, 4 hours and semi-minutes. Getting closer and closer to the finish and bleachers, i heard my name over the announcer, "From all the way from San Francisco, we have Danny Tan". About this time, i began to do the "raise the roof". The crowds got rowdier. Finally, i cross the finishing line with a smile. Happiest moment of my life and the rest was history.


jewazi said...

that deep V neck looks sexy on you no homo

Danny T. said...

lol, it's a zip up