Thursday, April 30, 2009


Man was i busy today, i had two tests today. My day started out well in the mourning Chinese 101 class which i had an oral test and did pretty well on. After knocking one test down, a more important exam was next, which was my economic statistics class. That test was insanely hard, i have a feeling i did pretty bad because i was rushing through the last few questions, since there was soOo many questions and limited amount of time. Them questions weren't even easy nor multiple choice, 7 out of the 10 pages were short answer questions which required a lot of explanation and math. Needless to say, rushing through short answer questions isn't the best way to finish off an IMPORTANT midterm. But i guess I'll hope for a passing grade while I'm away from the city. Currently i am packing up some stuff for the weekend trip, near Monteray, where the triathlon event's going to be held. There so much things i want to bring but i'll have to end up carrying them myself because it's a hike from the camp site and to the car, i guess i'll have to reorganize what i "need" and what i need to "survive" with......sigh....still gots to study for tomrrow's chinese written quiz before leaving the city...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


She makes my day =]

As i was leaving home with my mother to get some grocery and then head over to my grandmother's house afterwards, something had happened and got me wondering for the rest of the semi-short drive. So i live a block away from an elementary school, which happens to be the same way onto the freeway, there came a ball rolling out the streets and a kid was chasing after it. The boy saw my car approaching and he stop then ran back onto the side walk, the ball later came to a roll down a slight hill and finally came to a halt at the slope of the street. I of course stopped immediately and cautiously continued on my way to the stop sign, coincidentally where the ball stopped. I then turn on the hazard light, pulled the hand brake, got out of the car and retrieved the ball back to the kids. The kids all express their happiness and said their "thank yous" and "oh your so nice for stopping the car and getting the ball for us". Initially i did what i did because i didn't want to regret anything if there had anything had happen to those young kids, after all they are our future. As i was walking back to the car, an older fellow male jogger stopped and said "your parents must be proud of you"and i just said thanks. That moment had me thinking for the rest of the drive because i never been approached that way before and doing good deeds could land such an impact. More importantly, are my parents even proud of me??? Who really knows, but i doubt it, since my parents always say how their children are dumb and lazy, compare to my elder cousins and their friend's children who goes to UC-whatever. Nevertheless, i now understand why people do charity donations and voluntary community services, mainly because we all benefit from good deeds.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4-28-09 late night entry

It's quite late for an entry but i just wanted to put this out there because i just feel like i need to write something. So this school semester is coming to an end fairly quick and graduation is coming up very soon. It has been a chaotic schedule, since it's nearing the end of the semester, with midterms/finals coming up and hoping that this final school semester will ends smoothly(with grades+etc.). In addition, i am so happy that it's just few weeks til graduation and once again i'll have the opportunity of putting on a graduation gown, gowns just bring back so much memories...sigh... Anyhow, i'm also somewhat sad that certain people can't make it to my big day, but i guess that just life. The phrase, "The higher the hope, the greater the let down", this is so true in many ways. Needless to say, i've already been exposed to these incidents way too many times of high hopes and even higher let downs. Oh well, i guess i'll always have high hopes for everything, even when things seems impossible. Sadly, i am a person who likes to sometimes do ignorant things to prove people wrong and anything is possible if you tried 110%. For example, I've been told that i don't look capable of finishing a marathon, but i've completed it with a smile through the finish line. Hopefully it'll be the same for this Sunday's triathlon event. In sum, this post is just a reminder to myself that high hopes are good but always be prepared for the let down. More importantly, never give up on hope. All in all, at least my family will always be there, i can't believe I've once put someone else before my family. Now i truly know the meaning of true family, who comes first and who doesn't.


Chinese class ended early so my mourning coffee cup artwork was left unfinished


OMFG i recovered my usb memory stick, it was hiding in the backseat. It's not lost forever after all, miracles do happen =]
(the crime scene)

Whats the pattern.......

Monday, April 27, 2009


Where the hell is my USB memory drive.......i think i already lost it forever......

fast food nation

So it's just days away from the wildflower event and i'm so excited. From the course map, the hardest part of the event would probably be the hilly bike ride, sucks for me because i'm still new on the bike and i'm kind of slow of steep climbs. Anyhow, i think i can still manage those hills, with a few more youtube motivational clips. As for today, after Chinese class, tony and i swam at the sava pool. After that, i went to get something to eat at Taravel. I didn't know what to get so i just rolled up and down the block, just to see what was good. Then there it was, a BIG ol KFC advertisement sign of "$3.99 2 piece new grilled chicken, 2 sides, and biscuit". Needless to say, that had my attention and that's what i had.

So while i was there, i overheard about KFC giving out free sample of grilled chicken today. As i got up to the register, i asked about it and they hooked me up with 1 extra free chicken with my $3.99 order. After being seated with my order, food spread out all over the table, it reminded me of a MSNBC documentary yesterday night(watching while i was sleeping). It was about how fast food chains in China and how it's driving away local restaurant business and what not. A clear quote from the show was, "why spend $10-$20 at a restaurant when you can have a complete meal for about $5". It's such a psychological strategy that these fast food advertisement and marketeers are using to attract customers. Anyhow back to my fast food nation story, with all them food spread out on the table, it looked overwhelming and i didn't even know where to start; with the chickens, cold slaw, biscuit, mash potatoes, or drink. After just eating the biscuit and chickens, i was already 80%-90% filled(by that way, the new grilled chicken was pretty good). At that moment, i realized that fast food chains are becoming more competitive than ever and at this pace people would become overweight more easily. By no means am i saying that we should receive less portion for our money, but it's just "driving away local business". Moreover, this entry isn't trying to turn away the viewers against fast food chain, it's just an entry for critical thinking.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Woodside ~45 miles bike ride

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today i went to take some pictures of multimillion dollar homes at San Francisco. It's quite stunning to stand out there and look at a work of art, not even knowing what beholds inside , it's just crazy how some people are so rich and so many are poor. I really wonder how people buy these home, since these property taxes are well in the five digit zones per year. My theory is that some of these home owners had these homes pasted down from family generations, unless all of them are CEO or celebrities. Anyhow, it would be surprising if one of those owners had to go threw hell before becoming so successful, something like the story line of "Slum dog millionaire"......sigh.....One day i hope to be as successful as these folks, living their lives like a fairy tale or "the gem of life".


Friday, April 24, 2009


Just came back from the sava pool. Chinese class was soOo boring, people was falling asleep and playing games in class. As for me, i was somewhat paying attention in class but fell off track with my

Thursday, April 23, 2009


....Some people just can't help it, coke is addictive....


...I'm just a dreamer...
...I dream my life away...
...I'm just a dreamer...
...Who dreams of better days...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Interesting video, but i don't go to the gym =[

A picture of where i slept last night, it was hella cold between 12am-6am.....

I feel like i just did a million uppercuts.....another midterm ownage

More Ozzy awesomeness......

Just finished taking my chinese class. All i can say now is shout out to my moma and your moma, first time ever receiving a 100% test(not even counting the EC's yet). That's off the richter homes.....About to go run at the school track now and swim at the sava pool after lunch =] ...good day...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Some photos recapturing yesterday and last weekend.....

Wake up to some mourning awesomeness. Can you believe Ozzy is rocking out at the age of 60....

Monday, April 20, 2009


Pelican Point Beach, Half Moon Bay

Winner of the 30th Drake Relays Beautiful Bulldog Contest

Pretty cool video

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