Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Precaution: this entry might offend some viewers who are black, so turn away while you can. But i must apologize to those viewers who've read this entry(before hand), even when i posted this PRECAUTION message from the beginning......I come in peace..........

So i was just blog hopping again and i stumbled upon this interesting article. This article's title is called,"Sign of Progress?". A small abstract of this article is basically the number of African-American drug offenders in state prison has declined for the first time since law enforcement agencies started the war on drugs 25 years ago, even as convictions of white drug offenders have increased. According to statistics, they found that the number of blacks in state prisons for drug crimes dropped 21.6 percent from 1999 to 2005 and the total number of drug offenders in state prisons increased to 253,300 in 2005 from 251,200 in 1999.Blacks continued to make up the largest segment44 percent — of all prisoners serving time for drug offenses, although they were only 12 percent of the total population. Nevertheless, we'll have to speculate a little longer of this trend of crime, in order to say we're out of the blues.

This is quite a significant news, even with all the violent which we still see on the news(usually in black neighborhoods) but things are slowly improving. By no means do i mean we're safe to walk out our home and flaunt our wealth but it's just a teeny tiny safer in the suburbs. From what i've learned in my economic statistics class, there could be many plausible variables which may cause this trend to react the way it does; it could plausibly correlate to Obama's presidency (first black president ever in America), harder to sell drugs on the streets(since jail time is becoming more harsh for offenders), and their age. Anyways, i'm not trying to be racist, since the numbers are real data, but the article finally defined the phrase a "brighter future" and "the land of the free"

(it's kind of hard to write this blog entry while sitting right next to a black girl, currently in the computer lab, i feel like she'll just whip out a "gat" if she saw what i'm writing)

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