Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4-28-09 late night entry

It's quite late for an entry but i just wanted to put this out there because i just feel like i need to write something. So this school semester is coming to an end fairly quick and graduation is coming up very soon. It has been a chaotic schedule, since it's nearing the end of the semester, with midterms/finals coming up and hoping that this final school semester will ends smoothly(with grades+etc.). In addition, i am so happy that it's just few weeks til graduation and once again i'll have the opportunity of putting on a graduation gown, gowns just bring back so much memories...sigh... Anyhow, i'm also somewhat sad that certain people can't make it to my big day, but i guess that just life. The phrase, "The higher the hope, the greater the let down", this is so true in many ways. Needless to say, i've already been exposed to these incidents way too many times of high hopes and even higher let downs. Oh well, i guess i'll always have high hopes for everything, even when things seems impossible. Sadly, i am a person who likes to sometimes do ignorant things to prove people wrong and anything is possible if you tried 110%. For example, I've been told that i don't look capable of finishing a marathon, but i've completed it with a smile through the finish line. Hopefully it'll be the same for this Sunday's triathlon event. In sum, this post is just a reminder to myself that high hopes are good but always be prepared for the let down. More importantly, never give up on hope. All in all, at least my family will always be there, i can't believe I've once put someone else before my family. Now i truly know the meaning of true family, who comes first and who doesn't.

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