Monday, April 27, 2009


Where the hell is my USB memory drive.......i think i already lost it forever......

fast food nation

So it's just days away from the wildflower event and i'm so excited. From the course map, the hardest part of the event would probably be the hilly bike ride, sucks for me because i'm still new on the bike and i'm kind of slow of steep climbs. Anyhow, i think i can still manage those hills, with a few more youtube motivational clips. As for today, after Chinese class, tony and i swam at the sava pool. After that, i went to get something to eat at Taravel. I didn't know what to get so i just rolled up and down the block, just to see what was good. Then there it was, a BIG ol KFC advertisement sign of "$3.99 2 piece new grilled chicken, 2 sides, and biscuit". Needless to say, that had my attention and that's what i had.

So while i was there, i overheard about KFC giving out free sample of grilled chicken today. As i got up to the register, i asked about it and they hooked me up with 1 extra free chicken with my $3.99 order. After being seated with my order, food spread out all over the table, it reminded me of a MSNBC documentary yesterday night(watching while i was sleeping). It was about how fast food chains in China and how it's driving away local restaurant business and what not. A clear quote from the show was, "why spend $10-$20 at a restaurant when you can have a complete meal for about $5". It's such a psychological strategy that these fast food advertisement and marketeers are using to attract customers. Anyhow back to my fast food nation story, with all them food spread out on the table, it looked overwhelming and i didn't even know where to start; with the chickens, cold slaw, biscuit, mash potatoes, or drink. After just eating the biscuit and chickens, i was already 80%-90% filled(by that way, the new grilled chicken was pretty good). At that moment, i realized that fast food chains are becoming more competitive than ever and at this pace people would become overweight more easily. By no means am i saying that we should receive less portion for our money, but it's just "driving away local business". Moreover, this entry isn't trying to turn away the viewers against fast food chain, it's just an entry for critical thinking.