Wednesday, April 29, 2009


She makes my day =]

As i was leaving home with my mother to get some grocery and then head over to my grandmother's house afterwards, something had happened and got me wondering for the rest of the semi-short drive. So i live a block away from an elementary school, which happens to be the same way onto the freeway, there came a ball rolling out the streets and a kid was chasing after it. The boy saw my car approaching and he stop then ran back onto the side walk, the ball later came to a roll down a slight hill and finally came to a halt at the slope of the street. I of course stopped immediately and cautiously continued on my way to the stop sign, coincidentally where the ball stopped. I then turn on the hazard light, pulled the hand brake, got out of the car and retrieved the ball back to the kids. The kids all express their happiness and said their "thank yous" and "oh your so nice for stopping the car and getting the ball for us". Initially i did what i did because i didn't want to regret anything if there had anything had happen to those young kids, after all they are our future. As i was walking back to the car, an older fellow male jogger stopped and said "your parents must be proud of you"and i just said thanks. That moment had me thinking for the rest of the drive because i never been approached that way before and doing good deeds could land such an impact. More importantly, are my parents even proud of me??? Who really knows, but i doubt it, since my parents always say how their children are dumb and lazy, compare to my elder cousins and their friend's children who goes to UC-whatever. Nevertheless, i now understand why people do charity donations and voluntary community services, mainly because we all benefit from good deeds.


Twosidestory said...

I know how you feel. Chinese parents put their kids down. I will never do that to my future children. It's such a horrible thing to do that will cause them forever scar. My parents did the same thing to me. I'm proud of you. I dont think I will do what you did but from now on, if it happens to me, I will for sure do what you did. GOOD JOB!!!! I'm proud of you ^_^

Danny T. said...

T_T so many kind words today. Thanks for your comments. You and i really do go through the same tragedies(might be too harsh of a word) and yes we're scared for life. But at least when we become parents, we won't make the same mistakes that our parents made,