Saturday, April 4, 2009


Internet was down the whole day so there isn't much update today. Yet i do have one interesting article and possibly a very interesting news. So just today, North Korea launched one of its "cover-up missile" and is causing a global uproar. As many of us know, their leader Kim has been a total asshole for many years and repeatedly been threatening global harmony/peace for decades, with their nuclear missile supplies. Anyways back to the story. This "nuclear missile" test was actually protested for weeks before this launch, and i guess Kim was able to BS his doings by indicating their trying to launch a satellite into space.... Apparently, they thought it was a smart idea to fire the missiles really close to Japan and went against all the major global leaders. Moreover, this was a quick abstract an article I've read from yahoo. Oh yeah, if this topic becomes deeper it may trigger an all out World War

"Sister and girlfriend beat down burglar"

Man robs liquor store with daughter on his side....

I want this door

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