Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just came back from pool hall again, this time at san mateo. Once again, i've owned ramon 8-2.

Just came back from a touge run with Ramon, over at Woodside, approximately 28 miles of twisty road...

Went to Tommy's Joynt for lunch again. After a full meal, BBQ brisket+mash potato+honey baked bean, Andy Ramon and head headed over to the Japantown's cherry blossom festival. The place was packed with Japanese people, i never knew that there was so much Japanese people until today( i felt like i was in Japan). Anyways, there were lots of activities going on; such as Japanese origami exhibit, Game exhibit, Hello kitty exhibit, and Manga anime character exhibit. The exhibit which i anticipated to go to was the anime exhibit, mainly because i've only seen those people dressed up in animes characters online but never in real life. Yet, i didn't get to see much of those anime character, i only spotted a few "Bleech" , "Zelda" and "Deathnote" characters. My theory is more anime characters will to be attending the Sunday parade next week. Enough said, so picture time.....

Just came back from the poolhall at daily city. I think i might of set a new genus world record, I've won Ramon 5-0 in an hour. Needless to say, he disagrees with every round that I've won and said some how I cheated, and is now going online to find some answers to prove his theories were right. Yet Ramon's also that type of person who never admits defeat and prove that he somehow will win by default. Anywho, i remain the pool king once more.


jewazi said...

lol ramone is a nub meng, he wouldnt admit i pwnt him in street fighters when it was my 1st time playing too

Danny T. said...

ya, he suck at a lot of general