Monday, April 13, 2009


Today was a pretty relaxing day, even when it's Monday which is supposedly be the slowest day of the week. My day started out by taking a chinese written test at 7:50am, which i somewhat messed up on(oh well it was a retake anyways). After the chinese class, i meet up with tony at the sava pool, we swam for about 50 minutes or so. Afterward, i went over to my friend's cafe for lunch, the place is called the "Trolley Caffe", the location is on 24th and Travel. His family owns the caffee which serves sandwiches and a variaty of coffee. I must say the place is pretty interesting because theres a really really big painting of a famous place with fountains in France and the whole interior declaration gave a true sense of feel of France, not to mention that their food was good.What i had for lunch there was a White Mocha and a Cuban Sandwich. From the taste of the sandwich, the roast beef was a bit spicy, consist of tomato sauce and pesto and some vegitables(and it's muy delicioso)......yelp review to the Trolley Caffe.............
Who's the talented girl with the guitar!?!?

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Twosidestory said...

next time invite me...Sounds like a nice place..not going to LV since others cannot get it off.