Monday, April 6, 2009


OMFG.....i just watched my car yesterday too....

Just came back from the school track, went on for about 5 miles and is planning to head down to the sava pool in a few minutes. While i was running, all I was thinking about was moving out and rent an apartment. What got me thinking about this was of an incident yesterday night at home, which tony and I had an argument over some stupid shit. Anyhow, it was just about the placement of the wireless internet router and i didn't want that shit right on my desk due to radiation problems, which i've recent read numerous articles about. Because of that argument and how my parents tend to favor the oldest child(always listen to your elder), i thought this family ideology was quite ridiculous if these stupid shit incident continues to become recurrent. I believe moving out would be a good thing for me, so no further damage will be inflicted within the family, even though it will mean that i'll have to find a job soon (after May) and deal with more bills. Oh well, i guess i'll just have to bare with this problem for a little longer and then pack my bags or whatnot.

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