Friday, April 10, 2009


For sure I'll be checking out this event tomorrow. I've always wanted to attend to those cherry blossom festival, which seen numerous time while driving by. I think it'll be a great experience to learn more about the culture of Japan and sample some of the "authentic Japanese food"

Here some interesting news. I was just on yahoo news and stumbled upon something about china and it's restricted birth policy. Because China allows only 1 child per family, there is becoming a gender gap between more birth of male than female. Their hypothesis is that if this China's birth policy(law) continues, there will be more crime and crime rates will go up very soon. The article states, "China has 32 million more young men than young women — a gender gap that could lead to increasing crime — because parents facing strict birth limits abort female fetuses to have a son". Anyhow, heres the link to the rest of the (somehow this boy reminds me of jigga jigga Jay Chou)


Twosidestory said...

from LA to LV....I am so excited!!!

Danny T. said...

Sounds fun.Planning to go with bunch of you friends??