Sunday, November 30, 2008


Still sick =(

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Not feeling well, it has been really cold lately =[

Friday, November 28, 2008


So today's black Friday and things weren't really that cheap. I just picked up a shirt and a mouse pad, nothing too crazy like the other black friday shoppers. From the news, i heard that there was one bestbuy worker who was killed because angry customers broke down the doors, and guess it crushed him. I mean really though, don't bestbuy entrance have two sliding doors??! i guess they managed to break both of them down, this was at Statin Island, New York.
Other black friday news
  • Pregnant lady rushed to the hospital, due to customers trampled over/on top of her
  • Numerous seriously injured customers by being elbowed
  • Two dead gunmen inside Toys' r us
  • Wal-mart worker killed, from the stampede customers; he was a 34 year-old male part-time temporary holiday worker
Moreover, people gots to realize that those sale items aren't for free and are those deals really worth dying for, literally!!?!? Besides shopping, andy and i were actually at the dentist again, for three hours!?!?

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Turkey dinner was goOd.

Just enjoying the day, as the sky is clearing up.

Happy Thanksgiving to allO0o.
It's that time of the year again, thanksgiving, the day where we will stuff ourselves until we yack. LOL... just kidding, we just gain a pound or two or get hella full. The day started out with reading some international news about Mumbai, India. The news was about terrorist attack in multiple parts of India, all planned out at the same time. So there were lots of confusion, killing,and violence; mainly attacking foreigners. Scary right?! News also indicated that there may be another planned terrorist attack on public transportation, during the holidays, so we should all be fully alert.

Aside from daily news, lets talk about today. We just came back from breakfast, our neighborhood shanghai restaurant. The food was good, even though their stuff gots lots of oil and spiciness. As for later today, my uncle called and said that we're invited to their turkey dinner. Come to realization, this is actually the first thanksgiving celebration without mom and grandma. However, to make it all up, this year will be the first time to have turkey dinner with my baby cousins.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Had Vietnamese with dad...We ate out because he said i couldn't cook

mi café y periódico diarios

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


....camouflage me....


! ! ! Update ! ! !

Mom called and said they just arrived in New York(12:30pm)

....coldest winter ever....

...miss mom already...

Working hard, researching what to make for dinner.....
Just got back from the san francisco airport. I didn't know the domestic terminals were so crappy and the international terminals were that much more pretty. Anyways, it was a nice feel to walk around the aitport, since i haven't taken an airplane for more than 5 years. So i guess it's farewell to my mom, grandma, and aunts for two weeks. A picture of last home cooked meal, before the trip.

Monday, November 24, 2008


! ! ! BREAKING NEWS ! ! !
Not really breaking news but still important. The problem is that my mom will be going to New York tomorrow, so we won't be having any homemade food for two weeks. So whoever is following this blog, mine me tag along for thanksgiving!?!? Help a brother out...know what i'm saying?!!?
I'll bring the cake???

Today was quite relaxing but still remains another cold day. Went with my mom and aunts to yum-cha and then shopped a little. After that, we chilled at my cousin's house, which pretty much covered the whole day. Anyways, it was quite odd spending a whole day at sunset district, mainly because of the foggy and gloomy weather. When driving home, the fog begins to clear, as we're moving towards millbre. Anyways, it's nice to live somewhere without random weathers, like san francisco.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Just came back from the san bruno buffet. Before that, tony and i went biking and then jogged afterwords. We did this "new route" today because tony wants to "train" for a triathlon and ironman. From today's training, it does not seem that we're up to par for a full length triathlon yet, probably couple more months will do. After that, we went shopping at tanforan and got myself something something for the winter time.
Currently watching an old tvb series, La Femme Desperado. It is quite a good show, the story line talks about how this younger guy is dating an older women...(sounds familiar)...and they go through series of challenges to make it work. Anyways, i think the story line is pretty good and sometimes ordinary people do think "age" can be a problem in a relationship.

Came home quite late yesterday, about 2:30am. Last night, i went to san francisco international car show. Afterwords, went to this Portuguese restaurant at polk street and then to the movies. We went to watch Twilight at century 20, the movie was good and i recommend watching it. Anyways i took a bunch of pictures at the car show.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today was a pretty nice day, sunny weather but still cold. Anyhow, went to daly city plaza, got some dim sum and groceries. Afterwords, we went to my grandma's house and check our baby cerise'. She's so tiny, like a little puppy. So i took some pictures throughout the day, now examine =]

Friday, November 21, 2008


Got teeth cleaned

While doing my daily net surfing, i find this clip quite hilarious.....especially after watching the "Katt William's Pimpin Pimpin" stand comedy movie. It is just so funny because this clip pretty much sum's up President Bush's presidency, for the last 8 years. A line i thought was awesome from Katt William, "How he managed to get a job and fuck up evarraayythang...; the gas, water, air...and evaarrrythang".

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