Saturday, November 8, 2008

11-8-08 "Coldness"

I found this interesting entry online. It might be a random article, to many people, but i just happen to find this interesting and for a good friend of mine. So this entry i stumbled up is called "What is the middle middle child syndrome". Even though the writing covers almost 90% of what i think is a "middle child syndrome", there are some parts which i argue against. Nevertheless, the article did a pretty good job on stating what is a middle child syndrome.
Time seems to past by so fast. Recently i found out that one of my close friend, Nicole, just got married. I've known her since middle school and we're brother and sister(play version), and it's just shocking to know that we are all aging so fast and some age faster than others. Don't get me wrong but i congratulate them and their years to come. The shocking part is that she's just 20 years old and her dad was my principle, during middle school. In that sense, i know that her dad is quite strict about what revolves around her life and her decisions. So her becoming married must of been chaotic between her and her dad. But i might be wrong though, since we haven't converse for awhile. Anyways, i am really happy for her !?!
It's soOo cold today. Whats better then a hot cup of coffee!?!?


MattMatt said...

dude what happens if ur the middle child but ur older sibling was disabled like my sister? :\

Twosidestory said...

when parents push their children too far and too hard, their children will find ways to get out of their parents hands. I thought about that. I cannot move out because my parents said that they will pretend that they dont have an elder daughter. what the hell right? so traditional. SO moving out for me is not an option. So I have thought that if I get marry than I can get my own life back. I can do whatever I want without them annoying and bothering me. of course thats not gonna happen for me. Its interesting how stress can cause someone to think differently and find ways to escape

Danny Tan said...

i personally don't know how to answer your question matt, but i'm sure your parents expect much more form you than they do dayday. So i guess you and i are in the same boat and always have to take the blame for anything.

And J., i know exactly what you mean. But we just don't have evilness inside us to hurt our own parents like that. We know pushing them to far will make other people think that we do not care for the family and our elders. So that being said, we're just good son's and daughter's =]