Sunday, November 23, 2008


Just came back from the san bruno buffet. Before that, tony and i went biking and then jogged afterwords. We did this "new route" today because tony wants to "train" for a triathlon and ironman. From today's training, it does not seem that we're up to par for a full length triathlon yet, probably couple more months will do. After that, we went shopping at tanforan and got myself something something for the winter time.
Currently watching an old tvb series, La Femme Desperado. It is quite a good show, the story line talks about how this younger guy is dating an older women...(sounds familiar)...and they go through series of challenges to make it work. Anyways, i think the story line is pretty good and sometimes ordinary people do think "age" can be a problem in a relationship.

Came home quite late yesterday, about 2:30am. Last night, i went to san francisco international car show. Afterwords, went to this Portuguese restaurant at polk street and then to the movies. We went to watch Twilight at century 20, the movie was good and i recommend watching it. Anyways i took a bunch of pictures at the car show.

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Twosidestory said...

I was driving but I was on my hand free...=D no worries..yes its out of the blue. I remember you telling me that the only way that we can chat is online only. for some reason, I thought about that and I'm like wait a is that true? see..we can call each other out for a cup of coffee..seriously..