Monday, November 24, 2008


! ! ! BREAKING NEWS ! ! !
Not really breaking news but still important. The problem is that my mom will be going to New York tomorrow, so we won't be having any homemade food for two weeks. So whoever is following this blog, mine me tag along for thanksgiving!?!? Help a brother out...know what i'm saying?!!?
I'll bring the cake???

Today was quite relaxing but still remains another cold day. Went with my mom and aunts to yum-cha and then shopped a little. After that, we chilled at my cousin's house, which pretty much covered the whole day. Anyways, it was quite odd spending a whole day at sunset district, mainly because of the foggy and gloomy weather. When driving home, the fog begins to clear, as we're moving towards millbre. Anyways, it's nice to live somewhere without random weathers, like san francisco.

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Twosidestory said...

I will never be too busy for a friend. I dont think he is the jealous type so no worries.. I think I am..haha..what can I say, My nature. You're my friend of course I take all your words seriously.