Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11-19-08 "Some relief"

Just watching some tvb, kicking back and relax

Finally, end of my nerve racking international relation midterm and economic presentation. It's more of a relieve now, since my thanksgiving break begins now to december 1st. But during this time period, i will need to do my 10 page term paper, which again for my stupid class international relation. I swear i hate IR classes, so damn much reading and humanitarian terms, along with other types of neo-terms. Anyways, beside working on that paper, i will also have to do some studying and other homework, doesn't seem like a break right??!!? But anyways, i will seriously try to relax during this thanksgiving break because i've been working hard and studying my ass off for the last two weeks. It was just horrible. Anyhow, other plans for this break will probably be just chilling with friends and watch some tvb series, just kick back and relax a few days. Oh yeah, didn't update yesterday because of the reasons stated above.

Oh yeah, my friend called me yesterday night and we talked about a trip to Vegas. I guess i'm going to vegas with serveral of my friends for a 4 day trip. I believe the days are going to be from the 26-29 of december. Hopefully this vacation could get me off about school and etc. Here's a picture below which pictures how my two weeks were, literally, papers everywhere(15 articles)

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