Wednesday, November 5, 2008

11-5-08 "Change...? Yes we can, there will be change"

Aside from the negativity, i just took some pictures to help me stop thinking about school. Here is my contribution to Nissan month, my nissan =]

Even though today was quite hard to get pass, because of yesterday's embarrassing presentation, i managed to somewhat get pass the day without doing something stupid. I seriously felt like dying the whole day, this feeling was terrible, my mood was all down and it made me feel sick to my stomach. Anyways, the damn presentation got me thinking the entire last night and even this mourning. Because of it, i lost many hours of sleep and totally just brought my confident down to a new low. In addition, i'm now all worry about my other presentations and up coming tests. Shit... i just haven't felt this bad for a long time....

As many of you know, this election means more than a race between the Democratic senator and the Republicans. It's about inequality, social issues, the future allocation of resources to the economy and many other issues. Since Obama has planned to retreat from the war, his hope is to inject more jobs into our economy, to help offset the unemployment for our veterans and current economic crisis. This election was also about the issue of race and how American society could look past the color of our skin and vote for someone who can help achieve something of a greater good. Furthermore, this election of president Obama was just the beginning of change, but will he truly bring changes in our society and help benefit the poor???