Tuesday, November 4, 2008

11-4-08 "The final stretch, vote Obama 08"

Just came back from school, all i can say is that i hate my professor right about now. He was just drilling me on detail and questions on my presentation, which i couldn't answer because i simply didn't review them. In addition, these detailed questions ,which include percentages and what if factors,weren't even provided to me so i had not idea to answer some, therefore, i was basically embarrassed in front of the class. What made it worst was that i didn't even get to finish the presentation because the damn projector stopped working. As a result, i will have to go through this agony next Tuesday again and finish the rest of the presentation. Moreover, my presentation was pretty bad and it didn't turn out the way i wanted it to.

At least one thing turned out right, change has finally come, Barack Obama wins the election. This is quite a celebration because he of course becomes the first black president and this also means more ethnic equality. Anyways, we will be finally again be having a democratic president, starting next year!!??

November is Nissan month, so i guess i will be driving my lovely nissan 240sx today = ] And here are some celebration of nissan month in Japan

Somehow i believe today will turn out great. The weather is awesome, the sun is out and the cloud cleared a bit. After dropping off my mom, i did my daily routine. I went into starbucks and planned to get my every day cup of coffee, but today they gave out free coffee to voters. I was like "great" when they told me, but then i said i wasn't a registered voter. Then some nice white lady from behind said I could have her free cup of tall coffee, since she voted and was planning to get something else anyways. I mean something like this really brightens up your day, of course i didn't want to look cheap so i gave the burrista some tips. Anyways, i just hope that the rest of the day will play out as smooth as possible and hope that my presentation and the election will turn out the way i want it to, AMEN!?!?!

I believe today's entry title pretty much sums up what everyone's been having in mind. For the presidential election poll, Obama seems to have the lead in electoral vote, but like he said "Don't hold your breath until they announce the winner, anything can happen". Anyways, i seriously hope ol' hill billy McCain won't win, i just don't get how he can become a presidential candidate when his health is poor. Seriously, if he dies (if he maraculously becomes president), who can imagine senator Sarah Palin replacing him?!? I just got to put it out there, she's an idiot not far from our current president Bush.

A photo that says, GTFO of office

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