Wednesday, November 12, 2008

11-12-08 "Happy to have another baby cousin"

Just got back from the hospital. The baby's name is Ceres' [ pronunciation: Sir-rese or series, like television series] and weighs about 6.8 pound. I thought they gave her an odd name, but whatever floats their boat right??? Also i was so surprised how small new born babies were, they're not much bigger than a foot long Subway sandwich....ok...Anyways, i didn't really get a close look at the baby, because i didn't want to put any germs on the fragile baby and all little babies look alike. So here's a sneak a peak of baby Ceres' =]

So i just got home, from another horrible day of school, learning that i'm failing in my statistics class. To sum things up, i've been receiving two average grades of D. It's just all bad news for me, just when i thought my horrible day was going to end right there, my mom caught me with another surprising news. She told me my aunt, her youngest sister, had just given birth to a baby girl. Of course i would like to congradulate her first, but these randomness really just catch me off guard. There seems to be always something really negative during the day and something postive at the end of the day. It just seems to be that there has to be an equal balance in good and bad news, which i really hate to be experiencing these past few days. Nevertheless, i hope to see my grades will pull through for this class and hoping to have my very first visit with my new baby cousin tonight.

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