Thursday, November 13, 2008

11-13-08 "Sunshine"

The sun is finally out and about. The weather looks pretty good today, not much cloud around but it still remains cold. Anyhow, day's like this really brightens up my day, lets just hope that there won't be anything bad happening throughout the day. Oh yeah, something really interesting. There's been a headline news on yahoo that there might be a cure for AIDs, which the treatment is by using bone marrows transplant. I thought this was surprising because they've been looking for these type of cure for half a century and the cure was surprisingly in front of our own eyes. But of course, officials did state that the treatment isn't right for everyone because the treatment fatal between 20%-30% of recipients. Nevertheless, this treatment/cure haven't been officially approved yet but its a good start.

Anyways a really cool video clip of professional driving skills

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