Thursday, November 27, 2008


Turkey dinner was goOd.

Just enjoying the day, as the sky is clearing up.

Happy Thanksgiving to allO0o.
It's that time of the year again, thanksgiving, the day where we will stuff ourselves until we yack. LOL... just kidding, we just gain a pound or two or get hella full. The day started out with reading some international news about Mumbai, India. The news was about terrorist attack in multiple parts of India, all planned out at the same time. So there were lots of confusion, killing,and violence; mainly attacking foreigners. Scary right?! News also indicated that there may be another planned terrorist attack on public transportation, during the holidays, so we should all be fully alert.

Aside from daily news, lets talk about today. We just came back from breakfast, our neighborhood shanghai restaurant. The food was good, even though their stuff gots lots of oil and spiciness. As for later today, my uncle called and said that we're invited to their turkey dinner. Come to realization, this is actually the first thanksgiving celebration without mom and grandma. However, to make it all up, this year will be the first time to have turkey dinner with my baby cousins.

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MattMatt said...

Dang, GG man, freaking terrorists. Watch simon says, those stupid Arabian people.
And lol sorry i haven't been updating my blog, kind of excited since there is a 5 day off from school, and therefore hanging out with friends on computer, playing ball, running.
OH yah, my mom told me you and tony saved some yum cha stuff for me, thanks a lot =]