Friday, November 14, 2008

11-14-08 "Good friday ??"

Stumble upon this shocking clip, it just shows you why some people think black people are crazy and dangerous. I'm not being racist or anything, but for real though...sometimes they gots to take a chill pill, choking the sh*t out of a challenged kid isn't going to miraculously cure their problems.

Today was such a good weather,so i just couldn't pass up this lovely day without running. The route which i ran was not my typical route, instead i ran the san bruno and the milbre hills. The approximate distance was 5 miles and it took me longer than usual, about 1 hour. The run was quite exhausting, mainly because i haven't ran for about a month and the heat. Anyways, today's session was pretty nice, it just got me off not thinking about school, felt something like another way of meditation. Moreover, meditation is the key to success??? Oh yeah, found something interesting that matt matt might want to look into.

Just came back from the dentist and the comments were the usual, "Wear the position, ok?". Anyways, rolling around Chinatown brings back a lot of bitter sweet memories, it seems like i miss driving my mom to and back from work. I guess Chinatown is certainly a special place in my life time and a place where i call home. Anyhow, Chinatown was really hot today. Oh yeah, ate lunch at moonstar today and it was goOd. Too bad my cousin matt, the terminator, weren't there to enjoy the food festival, along with my buddy ol pal paypay.
Not much happening today but to do my homework and preparing for Wednesday's exam. Also i found this interesting invention, for those who have an itouch/iphone, which is a modern style phone stand.


MattMatt said...

Wow weird looking rubik's cube

MattMatt said...

dam i also watch ur video, that's GG man, no wonder simon is like that lol!

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