Friday, November 28, 2008


So today's black Friday and things weren't really that cheap. I just picked up a shirt and a mouse pad, nothing too crazy like the other black friday shoppers. From the news, i heard that there was one bestbuy worker who was killed because angry customers broke down the doors, and guess it crushed him. I mean really though, don't bestbuy entrance have two sliding doors??! i guess they managed to break both of them down, this was at Statin Island, New York.
Other black friday news
  • Pregnant lady rushed to the hospital, due to customers trampled over/on top of her
  • Numerous seriously injured customers by being elbowed
  • Two dead gunmen inside Toys' r us
  • Wal-mart worker killed, from the stampede customers; he was a 34 year-old male part-time temporary holiday worker
Moreover, people gots to realize that those sale items aren't for free and are those deals really worth dying for, literally!!?!? Besides shopping, andy and i were actually at the dentist again, for three hours!?!?


MattMatt said...

Damm man GG

Twosidestory said...

U serious? thats crazy. I cannot believe those stuff happened today. oh! thankz for helping.