Friday, November 7, 2008

11-7-08 "Good Friday"

Let's see, today's title says good Friday but it seems like it ain't so good of a Friday as i thought. What had happen was that i received a call from my mom, around noon, and she said she got laid off. Immediately my thoughts were, she's just trying to get off work early and work half day shift. But when i went to pick her up, it was for-real for-real, she got laid off and had to pack her things and bounce. Oh well, my mom said she's been wanting to be laid off because her job revolves around too much drama and b*tches. Though i thought she would of been unhappy about being laid off, she said she was actually relief and happy to get out of that hell hole. In addition, she'sexcited to get her unemployment checks and other goodies. Moreover, i'm fine with her not having to work anymore because now she can be less stressed out and can focus on other things.

It's finally Friday and the weather is awesome. Currently, there seems to be no clouds in sight but it still quite cold. On the other hand, i've heard over the weather forecast that there's a 30% chance of raining tomorrow, so i guest i got to make the best out of today. So my schedule today is continue some more on studying, then check out something at stones town, then to the dentist. After that, i got to go pick up my mom and find out what to eat for dinner, since my parents are going to be attending a dinner, at millbre, for their friend's dad's 80th birthday celebration. Anyhow, there isn't too much exciting news over the internet, so i really have nothing much to blogger about. But i did find two really cool pictures of modern interior design for bedroom which i really like.

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