Monday, November 3, 2008

11-3-08 "The final countdown"

Since i'm on the topic of tomorrow's election, i kind of went off on this journey of thinking. A character who consist the same objectives as Obama is batman. Batman is of course the hero who have saved Gothom city from crime and poverty. Obama is relatively on the same page, the criminals in our society is the corporate lobbyist who push for republican propositions, where these propositions only benefits the rich. The ones in the poverty level are low and mid income individuals, who suffer from the results from these corrupted bribes by the corporate lobbyist. What I'm trying to say is that Obama's intention is to try to save the people from this corrupted society. Moreover, the character of Obama and Batman seems to have the same objectives and resemble in many ways.

Today seems to be an odd day. Odd not because of tomorrow's presentation but tomorrow is the big day, election day. I'm just a bit worried about the turn out for tomorrow's election, mainly due to how our economy will play out depending on who becomes president. Of course, I'm rooting for any democratic candidate over any republican, it's a no brainer because research have proven that republican presidents always correspond to more US debt. In other words, if McCain wins, we probably be in a deeper recession because he's pushing for the Iraq war and other pro corporate propositions. Whereas Obama is pushing for the opposite and for lower income individuals. Anyhow, this 08 election really just got me thinking about the future and the 1930's Great Depression. Oddly linking this election to the great depression because our economy is in a similar situation because of the recession, budget cuts, and increasing unemployment rate. Needless to say, "It's time for a change".


MattMatt said...

I heard they might rigg the election to make Moron McCain win =\

Danny Tan said...

ya things is after all a white country :(