Thursday, September 25, 2008


Our official triathlon+marathon team
1) ah matt-matt
2) dip-set
3) tony baloney
4) ah dan
5) fay-fay the cheerleader(mom)
6) day-day and pay-pay (our mascot/ partners in crime/ cheerleaders)
unofficial member: "stupid-ass ramon" aka SAR

Well finally got back to my training, after a week and a half of resting. Man o' man it's so hard to get back to training, soreness instantly, after 8 miles of jogging + other activities. Anyways, i've been doing a bit of biking yesterday and it seems like i need to train for that too. Riding a fix gear bike without brakes was quite scary and some how my arms got extremely tired from riding. For that reason, i'll probably be getting a bike soon!?! More triathlon motivation!!

No school today, just thinking what is there to do!?!?


MattMatt said...

Lol Danny...hella funny..and what u said about the headphones..i got them from costco ;D

MattMatt said...

Hehe Dayday is not madd he is happy that i actually said he is cool..sometimes :D