Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well..good mourning right?!? naw man...Woke up today, got dress and walked to my car, I see my dad's car window smashed and glasses on my car( i parked behind his work van). Because of this stupid shit, my mom was late to work. Anyways, i tried to focus on putting them mourning stupidity behind and look towards what the rest of the day offer. By doing so, i took the route of pier home, while coming back home to the freeway, something really really caught my attention and instantaniously brightened my day. A freakin sweet a$$ 2009 Nissan GTR, thats right! a Freakin GTR!!! When i saw this car, it was just unbelievable, so i had to snap a few pictures for proof and realized that i need one of these badass ride someday.

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