Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well just came back from a night swim, everything was good, lightings and stars were awesome. As of the next four days, don't know what to do for the rest of the week. I'll probably hit up the annual moon festival at the San Francisco Chinatown and Anson's B-day party(if there's going to be one!). As for homework, there ain't much but reading and a short essay, so this weekend wouldn't be too busy. Oh yeah, earlier today, i did a 10k in 66.24 min, which was only 7sec faster then my so far fastest record. What i've experienced from the run today was quite scary, thought i was going to past out because my airway was continueing to close up but i used my siliva to help open my airway for the last remaining mile. Anyways, i think it was due to the heat and not enough water, it was probably high 80 degrees, probably just haven't ran in the heat for awhile and long distance. Even though i did the marathon, which was 26.2 miles, the weather was around high 60 degrees, so it was still chilly and there were constant water stops. As a result, i think very soon i will need to buy a small waterpack =]

Sidenote: I was just thinking today how long i've known rose, get ready, almost 10 years!?!? wtf right..yeah like almost half of my lifetime = [

Heres the next run that i will be participating, Sept. 18th Benefiting Students Run Oakland Thursday, September 18, 2008, 06:30 PM

Brief Description:

Join Nike and Fleet Feet Sports for our first SUNSET RUN of the year. The run is a social (non-competitive) 5 mile run along the Marina during Sunset. All levels are welcome. 100% of your entry fee of $10 will be donated to Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION ( Try out Nike+ shoes and technology on the run as well as hear about the Livestrong Foundation.

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