Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today was tiring, probably from the lost of sleep (from school). Anyways unlucky me, my bro took my car, without me knowing, so i couldn't get in the house( no garage key). As a result, did some pull-ups at a local playground and later hit up Tanforan Mall for awhile, checked some cloths and barnes and noble. After that, did a 2/3 of a sprint marathon, which consist of 10k(6mi) and a 45 min swim(probably 1-1.5 mi), got home at 9:30pm for dinner. Oh yeah, finally did a 10k under an hour, 58:13 minutes to be exact. That's approximately 4 minutes faster than my last record. So pictures right??? Today was a pretty nice day on campus, so i took some odd and cool pictures =] ....also some late night campus life pictures

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