Saturday, October 25, 2008


sOoOo tired, just got back from a 35 miles cycling. What made the ride worst was that i had to ride on a shitty old bike....what could go wrong had gone wrong =(
I found this video quite funny but also cheesy. Moreover, it's relevant to our future life.

Wassup 2008

Just came back from yum-cha. Like always, we're all hella full because my mom always order too much items. Then we got something something from millbre's farmers market.


MattMatt said...

Haha i thought that girl on the last picture was isabelee but then i click on it and it was someone else

jewazi said...

enjoy some of the jams our parents listen to, and enjoy the MV

Danny Tan said...

LOL heres my favorites list,

bbychynadoll said...

lol i thought that girl was isabella too! and i was like who's she with!?