Thursday, October 23, 2008


On the way to pick andy up from night school, i realized that i went passed numerous amounts of them RV taco stands. I guess mexicans are trying to over through all the major taco and burrito franchisee. If this is true, more people will be laid off during this recession, mainly TacoBells and delTaco employees. And here's the proof, right outside andy's night school.
Not much today, just been watching TVB and making a study guide for Tuesday's econ exam. Oh yeah, i was camping out earlier, during the time when them kids were getting off of school. The results were, i didn't catch anyone because no trouble appeared today. So that mean's one day of relief for my car. I think the possibilities of catching them tomorrow might be better because they might be too excited for the weekend and do some stupid shit.


bbychynadoll said...

lol u should make a pole with that sign and cement it in the sidewalk in front of your car

Danny Tan said...

lol i would love to do that, but no money. Besides i want to catch the foo