Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Some pictures i've been wanting to post up last weekend. Photos of a place called Japan[town]

I knew it...SAR's will be coming over....Anyways, today was a special day for sfsu cyclist which provided free cycle parking and part swap meet. I didn't know that there were so many rider in our school. Here are the pics
Oh yeah, first time posting with new camera phone!?!? better quality right?!?!

I was suffering the net and i stumbled upon some images which made me hella mad...I' mean seriously, how come my 240sx doesn't look this good?!??! But anyways, today is going to be a pretty chill day, probably going to check out a bike in redwood city. Besides that, this weekend will be pretty busy because i got lots of homework to do, test to study for, and another presentation to prepare. By the way, i have a feeling that SAR's will be dropping by today, i think it's some psychic skills which i've recently developed from watching too much"That's so Raven" black people be so funny sometimes.........and coincidentally i'm sitting right next to one, my wild guess is that his name might be Tyrone(currently in the computer lab).


jewazi said...


Danny Tan said...

i seriously doubt his name would be Michael or Calvin, i used the mathematical tool "process of elimination"....which is my defending argument that i am not a racist

jewazi said...

lol ur mom looks like shes forced to stand behind the picture thing, did u make her? lolol

Danny Tan said...

lol of course NOT