Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Almost forgot to say happy birthday to my younger(big) cousin pay-pay aka joyce,fay-teen, chow-pay. I believe she's finally made it to 8 years old but stuck in a 12 years old body, she's over grown...

Today was quite odd. Usually after driving my mom to work, i get my mourning coffee. Yet Starbucks was closed today, due to power outage, as a result i just went home without coffee. So i got home and did some exam cramming, without my daily up of Joe, and kind of made a small cheat sheet for today's exam. Aside from studying, tony brought me to "front of the pack" cycling shop, at palo alto. I tried out a triathlon bike, by Kouta, and i must say tri-bike was a whole new experience. From the test ride, i now might get a tri bike rather than a road bike, since its also cheaper and more flexible. Anywho, the bike got me sweating pretty badly because it required a little more leg muscle than ususal. Besides biking and today's economic exam, the day was fairly interesting and like any other normal day.

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MattMatt said...

oh snaps i didn't know it was pay pay's b-day..haha she has the same b-day as my aunt..on my dad side.