Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Saw peter parker at stones town today

So i had to crash on Andy's bed yesterday because my grandma slept on my bed. As a result of the sudden change in my get up schedule, i over slept and was late to school...a whole whopping hour and a half late... Oh well, my international relations class wasn't even that important anyways. My grandma stayed over because my mom didn't have to work today, so i guess tony will have to take them to go yum-cha and spend the whole day with them.

As of now, i'm in the computer lab surfing the internet. There haven't been anything too interesting today but i did stumble upon a sad sad discovery. And nope it's not about Jennifer Hudson's family getting shot up, but i wish her and her family well, but it's the death of a Godzilla aka Nissan GTR. This almost made me cry for a moment, i mean this car haven't even been released that long in America and it's already being sold in a salvage auction. Sometimes i just hate people who treat their baby(car) like trash, when the car serve them well....some how I feel like i'm getting a little too emotional about this topic, but cars do have emotion/personality too... here's the poor GTR looking in distress


MattMatt said...

How much did this car cost

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bbychynadoll said...

haha spider man? looks like David last year for halloween