Saturday, October 4, 2008


Almost forgot to shout out to my grandmama, "happy birthday pooh-pooh"... Since i knew my mom and them was going to take a awhile at Target, i just walked around in the mall. And what's more fun then to take pictures in the mall!?!? lol... i should of taken more...while looking for a Halloween costume =]

Just when i thought i could sleep in on a saturday, them mexicano/la migras rang the door bell at 8am...Totally forgot they were coming to clean the house, because of that i am tired for the rest of the day. On top of that, my mom tricked me to go out with her for the whole mourning until 2pm. She said we was only going to pick my grandma up to go yum-cha, but then we also ended up in the bayshore/san bruno farmers market for a while. Following to yum-cha across from classic bowl. After brunch, we went to serramonte mall to check out some stuff....and i will post up them pictures a little later...currently feel drained and sleepy...

These past two days, with all the raining and mellow weather, it just made me want to post this video.

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