Friday, October 10, 2008


Well, just came back from an approximately 20 miles biking with tony, man-o-man was it tiring. I never knew you could have a cramp on your finger, on my pinky to be exact. The route we took had lots of steep hills going up and down, which required lots and lots of braking. I used the brake so much, my pinky started to cramp and the rest of my fingers sore. In addition, i've never worked out my upper legs this much, so i could barely feel my legs. Aside from that, it was fun and a different experience from running. Oh yeah, before the biking, we had the little tea ceremony at our house which was for the wedding. Moreover, i took lots of pictures =)

Currently watching blue angels from my window

Oh snaps, it's fRiDayyy. Today's the big day, for my Asian flava flav uncle aka "lang sook". I gave him this term/name because today is like his third time getting married, will this time be the last time?!?!? Didn't flava flav gone through three different seasons looking for the perfect women??? Needless to say, he's about 50 something years old, I thought these type of "older people marraiges" happens only in TVB series (the one about the mooncake). But apprently not so. Don't get me wrong though, i'm happy that he could finally settle back down again...Just don't get me started when he was unmarried, all the bad wraps came together. I had to get him out of jail, go to court, and bunch of other non-sense stuff .....Oh yeah, aside from that, i hope this marriage will last and I congratulate them, possibly they can provide us with another cousin?!!?

Lastly, i had to out due myself on the big o'l day, it's dress-up day!?!? A picture of a GQ'ed out me... "It's Tan, Danny Tan"

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